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A natural intuitive and compassionate healer, Charu Kapur is blessed by God to carry out his divine healings to those in need.

Connecting to the creator and angels, Charu helps heal all spheres and dimensions of your life flooding it with the Creator's love and light.

With growing scientific evidence and an increased awareness, we know that our emotions, feelings and the power of our thoughts have a direct bearing upon our physical health, financial position, relationships and all other aspects of our being. Changing how our mind at both conscious and subconscious levels influences our lives, is of huge value in creating our optimal paradigm.

By connecting with your divine spark, looking into your soul program and thought process, and also by seeing into your past and future Charu heals all issues in your life and helps you resolve your karmic obligations and hurdles.

She is blessed with great psychic and intuitive powers since childhood which enable her to see the future and even change it through the creator.

Healing with humility and compassion, she works wonders that fill her and her clients with awe and gratitude at the Creator's instant and miraculous healings.

Working for spiritual ascension of all those who have come in contact with her and to enable her clients to raise their vibrations, Charu has been conducting group sessions of guided meditation in order to empower others to meet the rapidly changing vibrations of the earth which is impacting all mankind.

Spending 8-10 hours of her day in meditation, she has found her true calling, her Divine path for this life. August 2015 stands out as a special milestone in her journey because it was then when she began receiving direct messages from the Creator - powerful messages of healing and spiritual escalation, that help expedite karma. Through these messages she has been able to reach out and spread the miracle of Karmic Rebirth through CORE Healing to every soul that is in need of it.

Core Healing is a new Healing Modality which the creator himself has shared with Charu. Apart from healing through this modality, Charu will be conducting workshops of the same to equip each one of her students with a tool to heal themselves in every sphere of their lives.

Charu conducts Personal Sessions, Telephonic Sessions and also Sessions through Skype.

She can be contacted on +919810003650.

Ready for your Karmic Rebirth?

Dear friends 2017... Powerful year for all your manifestations to turn into reality.


Charu Kapur

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